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World's first e-spliff being rolled out in the Netherlands

June 20, 2014Dutch company E-njoint BV has taken e-cigarettes one step further and are starting to roll out the world& 39;s first electronic spliff. The company claims that the e-Joint is completely harmless and contains no dangerous substances like nicotine, tobacco or even THC, the active chemical ingredient in marijuana, however, there is a version that allows users to use their own supply of marijuana.
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Man Sets Guinness World Record for Stacking Eggs Vertically

It took years of practice to become the world& 39;s best, and possibly only, egg stacker.June 22, 2020You may have heard of the incredibly relaxing, meditative art of stone stacking. If you& 39;re like us though, you have never heard of the art of chicken egg stacking.While, to most, it sounded like a disaster of Humpty Dumpty proportions waiting to happen, one man, Mohammed Muqbel, stuck to his dream of winning the Guinness World Record for most eggs stacked vertically, one over the other.
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Goodyear's a new tire design can charge your car as you drive

January 10, 2016One of the most common worries faced by owners of electric cars is their range. They fear what would happen when their battery suddenly runs out of charge. For cars that use petrol and other similar products, it is practically a very simple problem to solve. Go to the nearest gas station, which is usually not that far out.
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VR Headsets Work through a Combination of Different Tracking Technologies

Virtual reality has made its way into the consumer tech realm. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can experience other worlds, visit real landmarks in a virtual realm, and play realistic games like you never would& 39;ve dreamt of as a kid.All of this capability hinges on some pretty interesting technology hardware – the VR Headset.
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Simple Yet Genius Idea to Turn Plastic Bottles into Strong Plastic Wire

Russian Youtuber, Адвокат Егоров, has demonstrated a simple yet genius idea of turning plastic bottles into a strong usable wire in such a simple way.February 21, 2017Almost in the same action as a cheese grater, the blade cuts the bottle at one edge and then it is turned until you are left with a long spool of plastic rope.
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Medical Technology

Stanford Engineers Re-Engineer the N95 Face Mask to Provide More Oxygen

This will help medical workers breathe better oxygen and prevent undergoing oxygen deficiency side-effects.April 15, 2020Face masks have been a prominent topic of conversation during the COVID-19 outbreak, as there simply aren& 39;t enough to go around. Many companies have been working hard to create their own versions of masks, while others have found FDA-approved methods to decontaminate them safely for re-use.
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