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Artificial Brains Need Sleep Just as Much as Regular Brains Do

Sleep-like states may help neural networks regain clear stability after continuous self-learning cycles.June 09, 2020We& 39;re not quite at the stage where we know what an artificial brain is dreaming about, or if it dreams at all.However, a new study carried out by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists points towards androids requiring rest time in order to perform at their best, much like our human brains need sleep.
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Sandcastle sculptures that will blow your mind

May 17, 2014You can probably remember going to the beach as a kid and getting a bucket and spade and making castles in the sand. These could range from the single castle with shells decorating the sides and maybe a flag waving on the top to a couple or more. If you had your mind set on being an architect when you grew up, then perhaps you were a little bit more adventurous.
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A replacement for large-scale hydro?

By Robin WhitlockAugust 13, 2015 Image Source: Youtube John Waldman and Karin Limburg have just written an article for Yale e360 arguing that large scale hydro has actually damaged the environment and is therefore not the clean energy technology it is often purported to be. For example, on the US East Coast, the authors point out, hydroelectric dams have damaged the ecological integrity of nearly every major river and decimated the runs of migratory fish.
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Energy & Environment

Antarctica is Turning Green, but What Are the Implications?

Climate change has already had observable effects on the environment and far-reaching implications across the globe. Global warming is the increase of the Earth& 39;s average surface temperature, due to greenhouse gases that collect in the atmosphere, trapping the Sun& 39;s heat. Certain amounts of greenhouse gases can be a good thing, as they make the Earth& 39;s surface a viable environment for humans and animals.
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Minecraft Constructs Virtual Library for Uncensored Journalism

It took 24 people from 16 countries and 250 hours to build the Uncensored Library.March 17, 2020For many people, freedom of speech isn& 39;t a worry as it& 39;s considered a staple in their day-to-day lives. However, there is still a huge section of the world where freedom of speech is not recognized, and where governments censor their citizens — especially journalists.
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Mars "Lava Flows" Mystery Solved by Scientists

The mystery behind the volcanic formations on Mars may finally have been solved.May 19, 2020Some curious formations on Mars were believed to be lava flows. Tens of thousands of conical hills, most with crater-like tops, surrounded by deep outer channels where some mysterious flowing liquid forged a path, all lead researchers to think these could be volcanoes on the Red Planet.
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