Japanese Firm Organizes Funerals For Sex Dolls with Monk Porn Actress

Japanese Firm Organizes Funerals For Sex Dolls with Monk Porn Actress

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You can get a divorce when you are bored with your partner; however, have you ever thought of what happens to a sex doll when its owner gets bored with it? Since they come in actual human-sizes, getting rid of one can be an adventure worthy of having a Dexter episode.

Putting one into a wardrobe or forgetting it ever existed while it fades away in the basement are options one might think about. You can also get it out of the house, but it's not an easy task to do without looking like you're trying to dispose of a murder victim. However, what happens when a bond is formed through nights and rounds spent together?

Ningen Love Doll Company seems to have a very particular solution for this very particular problem. It has been offering memorial services for sex dolls since January 22, 2020. It conducts carefully thought out funerals, and Japanese monk and porn star Rei Kato performs memorial services for the dolls. They make sure that the silicone lovers rest in peace.


There are numerous choices of funeral plans available; however, the most eye-catching one is the Doll Angel Funeral Plan. It is for people who want to go all-out for their silicone partner, and it costs ¥90,000. The plan includes:

  • The owner can attend the funeral in person.
  • A letter is read to the doll.
  • Doll parts are disassembled before disposal, and a part of it is sent to the owner after the ceremony as a treasure.

After the ceremony, the company sends the dolls to be processed by a highly certified industrial waste disposal. Probably, owners are advised not to think about their silicone partner going through a waste disposal’s sharp shredder and being melted afterward.

Here is an interesting fact: sex dolls are actually believed to have souls in Japan. It is considered bad luck when one throws them out to the garbage, so you might have to find that love doll you threw into the ocean once because you were scared of your mom finding it.

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