23 Vehicles Modded to Look Like Mad Max-Style Battle Cars

23 Vehicles Modded to Look Like Mad Max-Style Battle Cars

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Battle cars are an internet trend that may or may not have been partially inspired by videogames like the SNES classic Battle Cars, the incredibly popular Rocket League, or the Mad Max movies.

All we know is that people from all over the world are modding their cars to be ready for battle. Would you go into battle riding in one of these?


1. This modded Mad Max-style beamer is ready for battle

As poster, Failed_Asstronaut, put it, this battle car "is an absolute abomination and desecration of one of the best looking cars ever made. I want two." That's what happens to your mind when you get on the neverending, addictive dirt track road of car modifications.

2. This modded Porsche with rally car windows

This beautifully modded Porsche battle car was expressly made for racing. It even has polycarbonate windows that slide sideways as in many NASCAR race cars.

3. An apocalypse-ready Maruti Suzuki Omni

This is a fascinating example of battle car performance upgrades specially made with zombie flicks in mind. This modded van by Holy Shift is described as "the Gymni. A run of the mill Maruti Suzuki Omni prepared for a zombie apocalypse with Gypsy parts."

4. This C7 Corvette is battle-ready

This modded C7 Corvette battle car by the aptly-named Mad Max C7 looks like it could get you through an apocalyptic dust storm battle, no problem.

5. An atypical Volvo idea

While this battle-ready Volvo battle car was photoshopped, the design alone is worth a mention.

6. The GAZ-M20 'Pobeda'

The GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" was developed well before the battle car online trend, and well before online trends were even a thing. It is a passenger car that was produced in the Soviet Union by GAZ from 1946 to 1958.

7. The 'DeathKart'

If the Tesla Cybertruck is anything to go by, this is what Tesla's next EV will look like. Modded by Speed Warehouse in Pennsylvania, this modded Nissan 240 SX's exterior is made from handmade reformed and reused junkyard metal. And yes, that is a .50 caliber machine gun mounted on the battle car's passenger seat. Learn more about it from SuperStreetOnline.

8. A VW Battle Beetle

If you ever thought the Volkswagen Beetle was only for people who want cute-looking cars, think again.

9. A Gambler 500 Mustang

This Ford Mustang battle car was modded for the Gambler 500 Rally, and it is quite a sight to behold.

10. A faceless off-road beast

This car, nay beast, was built using part of an original 32 dodge chassis. Designed by mr.cercone, this battle car will have onlookers running away in fear.

11. A modded 80s Celica-Supra

Another Gambler 500 Rally car, this Celica-Supra battle car looks a bit like the Delorian thanks to its enormous spare tires.

12. This modded 'Maluch'

The Fiat 126 is known as a cultural icon in Poland. Its nickname, the 'Maluch', translates to "the Little One." This one's not so little though.

13. This lifted Subaru SVX with tracks

The Subaru SVX is already a pretty weird car. This owner thought the notoriously heavy vehicle could do with some tracks to make it run better.

14. Project Zorra: modded AMC Eagle

Here's how BDR Racing described the mods for their Project Zorra: "258 inline 6 Selective 4wd Rough country rear lift Front spring swap 33x12.5/15 Jeep swapped bumpers Custom roof rack."

15. 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 'Willy Safari'

This modded Porsche 911 Carrera was actually sold recently for $375,000. Check out the spec on the auction page.

16. This faux rust Subaru Impreza

This impressively modded Subaru Impreza was spotted on the way back from a RallyCross.

17. Ocean City Beach Corvette

Want to have a quick break from your battles and go fishing for a while. This Corvette mod, that even has a fishing rod holder frill guard, has you covered. Read its story at

18. This battle-scarred vehicle would get you through a nuclear winter

This unit of a vehicle was recently put up for sale in Finland. The track parts alone might have been enough to get people to buy it.

19. A heavily-modded GAZ M-20 'Pobeda'

Check out this impressive battle car drifting around a dirt track here.

20. This lifted Chevrolet El Camino

Poster CptSandbag73 describes this beautifully modded Chevvy, with a perfectly fitted front bumper winch, as "Hell Camino." We couldn't agree more.

21. A real-life RC car

This car, with its unusual and impressive front suspension set up, looks like a cross between a Ford Festiva and an RC car.

22. VW off-road Beetle

Another battle Beetle, you can watch a nice run-through of this modded battle car on YouTube here. The Beetle had a new roll cage fitted, as well as a new AC, big wheels, and racks.

23. A monster Camaro

This custom Chevrolet Camaro battle car is sure to speed you away in style from any apocalyptic battle.

Which battle car is your favorite? Which do you think would win in the battle of the supercar? Be sure to let us know, as well as posting any pics of your own custom battle cars.

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