Guy Made a $54,500 Bullitt Mustang Dump Truck, It's for Sale on Craigslist

Guy Made a $54,500 Bullitt Mustang Dump Truck, It's for Sale on Craigslist

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Craiglist is packed with jams or with crazy things, and if you're in the right mindset your find can be classified as both. Right now, enlisted seven days ago, out there waits a Ford F700 “Bullitt Mustang” tribute dump truck. And it's even got Bullitt mudflaps and a Bullitt grille emblem.

The owner calls it their "2-Year Pet Project", and apparently, according to the listing, they are its second owner after purchasing the truck from the U.S. army.

It currently has just 24,800 miles on the odometer, so it can be said that it was well-kept by the army.


It truly does look handsome and well-kept indeed.

"Dump bed has never had a rock in it"

The listing post gives a certain idea of the fact that this "pet project" is someone's pride and joy. It reads, "HEIL DUMP BED HAS NEVER HAD A ROCK IN IT... THIS AND THE ALMOST FLAWLESS BODY STARTED THIS WHOLE PROCESS."

Apparently, the truck's respectable condition was the reason why they wanted to restore it.

What's more is that, instead of using Bondo to repair the tailgate, they left as it is to keep it original.

Painted "Bullitt Mustang Green"

The handsome body was sanded and re-painted Highland Green Metallic, in other words, Bullitt Mustang Green. The frame and the front bumpers were also sanded and painted to match.

Priced $54,500

The asking price is $54,500, and according to the owner, "Although not Cheap This truck is in many ways much Better Than a New One with Similar Spec, Here is Why: New Ford Truck ONLY Have International Diesel Engines and They are Not Good Google them You Cannot Pump Up The H.P. On Newer Trucks without risking Big Fines and Big Mechanical Issues" and more.

If you’re a Bullitt fan or are looking for a dump truck and have $54,500.00 laying around, this one is definitely worth checking out.

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