Tesla Cybertruck Now Available For Reservation in China

Tesla Cybertruck Now Available For Reservation in China

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It seems Tesla Cybertruck reservations are now available in China as Reddit user aaronhry pointed out. Will the country be interested in the futuristic truck? It is still too early to tell.


When the truck was unveiled in the U.S. last year, Tesla began taking orders with just a $100 deposit. CEO Elon Musk then announced that the truck received over 250,000 reservations within the first week. Impressive!

Although Musk stopped keeping score after that, other sources have speculated that the number of pre-orders could be between 450,000 and 500,000 and even over 650,000. In the meantime. Electrek has reported that sources have told the news outlet that Tesla pre-orders are helping boost sales and that customers are coming in the store just for the truck.

How will the company fare in China? It's still too early to tell, but the deposit prices are a bit larger than for the American version. The main deposit converted to U.S. dollars comes to about $141 and unlocking the full self-driving package amounts to $9000 (It is just $8000 in the U.S.).

The rise in price may be because it will likely be harder to get Chinese sales even if Musk claims the Cybertruck can float for a while. The country bans trucks in many city centers due to emissions.

Still, for Musk to be venturing in that market, there must be some potential. We will be following closely to see how it all pans out.

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