This Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger Powers Up to 3 Devices at Once

This Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger Powers Up to 3 Devices at Once

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Venturing in the great outdoors is loads of fun but it does require some essential tools. One such tool is a charger for your electronics.

Indeed when camping or on long trips, you need a way to power your electronics. Introducing Sun Chaser 20,000mAh Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger!

This powerful accessory is a solar-powered power bank with a built-in wireless charger and LED floodlight. The device can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices with its Qi-standard wireless charger and USB ports.

But the charger does not limit itself to phones. You can even power up other devices such as cameras, watches, and more.

The charger works with advanced light-absorbing solar panels, taking ever light source and converting it to stored power. Just let it take in all the sun it can in the daytime and then you are free to use it any time anywhere, even at nighttime

Worried about overcharging? Worry no more. Sun Chaser has power regulators that ensure you will never overcharge your devices.

Finally, for night time use, the device features a built-in LED floodlight that quickly lights up an area of 20sqf. What else could you need?

Sun Chaser is now available for $59.99 -- over 53off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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